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We extend our deepest gratitude to the individuals and organizations listed here, whose generous donations have been instrumental in furthering our mission of supporting Caregiving Youth in Palm Beach County, Florida, and beyond. With their help, we have been able to expand our outreach and provide vital resources, services, and programs to middle and high school students who are caring for ill, disabled, or aging family members.

We are humbled by the unwavering support of those recognized on this wall and others who have contributed to our cause. Their contributions have significantly impacted countless young caregivers’ lives, empowering them to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

We also cherish the memories of those who have supported us in the past but are no longer with us. We are grateful for their enduring legacy and the lasting impact they have made.

To all our donors, we express our heartfelt thanks and admiration. We hope this generosity and commitment inspire others to join us on our collective journey as we continue to make a positive difference in the lives of Caregiving Youth.

Al Preiser
Alfie Nadler
Angelica Odom
Angelo M. and Concetta “Connie” Cozza
Beth Johnston
Bill Smith
Brian Cohee
Catherine and “Doc” Mahank
Claire Van Oudenaren
Connie Goldman
David Wolfe
Doris S. King
Edmund Kouri
Eileen Ahern
Ellen Cohen
Elmer Epstein
Elsbeth Zimmermann
Fred Galland
Gail Hunt
Harvey Mirsky
Herb Ochs

Howard Singer
Iris and Norton Agriss
Isabelle Cohen
J Harold (Shorty) Boger
James Lewis
Jane Flynn
Janet Calderazzo
Japhe Jean-Claude
Jay Jones
Joanne Weppner
Jonathan Diamond
John Strobis, MD
Judith (Stiles) Lovin
Judith Kline
Larry Lorenzo Cose
Laura Reisinger
Liz Corbett
Lorry Herdeen
Louis Charles
Marian and Bill Bell
Merilee Middleton

Muriel Schechter
Nancy Boyd Zieg
Natko Nincevic
Patricia Lucille Lewis
Patricia Rote
Paula Alderson
Paul Otto
Peggy Bryant
Peter Oliver
Philip Sharaf
Ruth B. Greenberg
Stephen Reichert
Steve Kravitz
Steven Mintz
Susan S. Whelchel
Sydelle and Dr. Leslie Sher
Synnova Marie Hofstad Solomonson
Vincent J. Saffiotti
William (Bill) Schwartz
Yvonne Beharry

AACY Staff
Barbara Halsband
Claire Van Oudenaren
Connie Goldman
Connie Siskowski
Daniel Davidowitz
Danny Polen
David Goldstein
Debralyn and Ronnie Belletieri
Gary Siskowski
Jan Dymtrow
Jodi O’Donnell-Ames
Julia Belkowitz, MD
Karen Harwood
Lyric Harley

Patrick Ahern
Marcy Bezark
Maria Levix
Marjorie Kent
Mary Ann Kofoed
Michael D. Miller
Peggy Bryant
Robin Hardy
Sandy and Rev. Kenneth Roughton
Sharon Otto
Shoshana and Daniel Davidowitz
Summer Faerman
Tom Tift

Ann and Richard – 50th Anniversary
Arlene Herson – Birthday
Arline McNally – Birthday
Connie Siskowski – Mother’s Day, Birthday
Glorida Wank – Birthday
Lynn Bines – 75th Birthday
Maggie and Michael Freedman – Wedding
Mandy Alvarado-Rivera – Birthday
Renee and Charlie Holmes – Holiday Party

Allegiance Home Health and Rehab
Automotive Management Services, Inc.
Boca Raton’s Promise
Brain Bowl
Gloria Dei Lutheran Church 
Great Charity Challenge
Kelly Ann Women’s Ministry 

Polen Family Charitable Fund
R + D Entertainment LLC
Senior Justice Law Firm
The CouTOURe Club
The Sokol Foundation
Town of Palm Beach United Way 
Trustbridge Foundation
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship  

Alice and Joe Kraus
Amy Aines
Anne Serig
Antoinette and Thomas Brinkman
Arline and John McNally
B G Carter
Barbara Conahan
Barbara McQuinn
Barbara and Richard Thompson
Beverlee Raymond Miller
Bonnie Yablon
Cara A. Singer
Carolyn and Greg Burie
Christine Stiller
Damon Ficklin
Dana and Michael Miller
Daniel Polen
Deborah Pines Certo
Debralyn and Ronnie Belletieri
Dick Stockton
Donna Ender
Dorothy Fishman
Elda & Mark Prudden
Gabriel Eilmberg
Gaby Ajram
Heidi Schaeffer, MD
Jackie and Tom Blanton
Jana and Rev. Tom Tift
Jill H. McNally
Jim McCrink
Kate Sperber
Lynne and Bob Arlen
M. Elaine Weems and Henri B. Weems
Marlene and Gene Epstein
Manjunath Pendakur
Marilyn and Jay Weinberg
Mark Balsom
Mary Anne Roth
Matthew Chanin
Myrna and Daniel Norwitz
Nimisha S. Solanki
Pamela and Robert Weinroth
Patricia and John Boden
Renee Holmes
Richard and Barbara Thompson
Rita and Edward Berro
Ron K. Bailey
Ron Gallatin
Rosemary and Ben Krieger
Ruth and Walter Dalickas
Sally and Robin Hardy
Shoshana and Daniel Davidowitz
Susan and Jeff Firestone
Stan Moss
Thomas and Antoinette Candela Brinkman
Ruth and Walter Dalickas