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Teen brothers speak out about caregiving for grandmother with Alzheimer’s | Charlie and A.J. Poole cared for their grandmother with Alzheimer’s disease starting at the ages of 9 and 10. The teen brothers share their story about caregiving for Alzheimer’s from a kid’s perspective at Boca Raton ‘Brain Bowl’. They worked with Ted Med Speaker Coach Peter Botting (peterbotting.co.uk) from the U.K. on the contents of the speech. Speaker Coach Carmie McCook (carmie.com) of Carmie McCook & Associates D.C. coached delivery.

WPBF 24 News – Caregiving Youth Story | Group Helping Young Caregivers Trying to Learn at Home | Palm Beach Gardens, FL – It can be an impossible job for an adult, let alone a child. But more and more children are being asked to do it: care for a sick or injured loved one. During the pandemic, it’s become even more difficult and even dangerous for these children to balance caregiving with school work.

A Tribute | Susan Lewis Calderazzo’s song “Let Everyone See” is a powerful tribute to her mother, AACY Founder Connie Siskowski, and the millions of youth caregivers who provide essential care to loved ones with disabilities, illnesses, or age-related needs. 

Calderazzo’s lyrics are both poignant and inspiring: “Let everyone see, let everyone care, for the kids who give care. Let everyone support and recognize these young heroes for their sacrifice.”

In this episode of Caregiving Insights, My Care Friends Founder/CEO Todd “TJ” Keitz sits down with 18-year-old Kaylin Jean-Louis — caregiver, radio host, motivational speaker, and founder of Kaylin’s Caring Konnection.