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As the awareness and reach of AACY continue to grow through its affiliates and partnerships, there is an increasing need to expand its impact on the underserved population by establishing a broader network of supporters and advisers. This network will play a crucial role in scaling AACY’s education, awareness, research, and services initiatives, ensuring the delivery of valuable and comprehensive support to the target population.

To accomplish this, AACY established a formal network of advisers who can contribute their expertise, perspectives, and guidance in the development and execution of innovative resources tailored to the needs of the population served by AACY. The primary goals of this network/council are as follows:

  • Provide ongoing support for AACY’s objectives.
  • Contribute specific expertise and knowledge to developing and implementing priority initiatives sponsored by AACY, particularly in education, awareness, research, and direct services.
  • Review and provide feedback on priority programs and initiatives.
  • Serve as a valuable resource to increase awareness of the needs faced by the hidden Caregiving Youth population.
  • Promote the value that AACY brings.

    By establishing this network of advisers, AACY aims to enhance its capabilities, leverage external expertise, and ensure the sustained success of its programs in supporting young caregivers in the United States.