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Strategic Alliances

We are grateful for our many local and national alliances which share our mission to serve Caregiving Youth from all types of caregiving families. We invite you to join us. We’ve set ambitious goals and actively seek major funding, partnerships, and affiliate opportunities to benefit kids across Palm Beach County, Florida, and the rest of the United States. Reach out and connect with us.

Cariloop Releases the 2022 Impact Report | AACY Partnership on page 17

“Every day, we strive to use our business and platform as a force for good, being especially mindful of how we create a profitable, sustainable enterprise while supporting our stakeholders and giving back to our communities.

As part of our commitment as a Public Benefit Corporation and a Certified B Corporation, we are proud to release our second annual Impact Report, which outlines the impact we’ve had on caregivers, customers and the greater community in 2022. Throughout the last year:

Our Care Coaches saved our members more than 308,000 hours of care coordination and research,
We launched our new Caregiver Scholarship to support student caregivers and reduce barriers as they pursue higher education opportunities, and
Our team volunteered at more than 70 different organizations throughout the country.

When we consciously choose to care deeply about the communities we belong to, we do our part in making the world a better place. Thank you for investing in our mission.”

To learn more, view the full Cariloop 2022 Impact Report here.

Our programs rely on contributions from our community.

There are over 5.4M Caregiving Youth in the United States. Caregiving Youth are young people aged 18 and under who provide significant assistance or care to a family member with a chronic illness, disability, mental health condition, or frailty due to aging. (They are called Young Carers in the UK.)

Many thanks to our team, volunteers, members of the CYI Research Collaborative, board, donors, advisory council, parents, school administrators, teachers, and all who champion Caregiving Youth. You make a difference.

Our programs rely on contributions from our community.

If you are able to volunteer for our local programs or are interested in working with us anywhere in the US, contact us here.

If you are able to donate to American Association of Caregiving Youth, please do so here.

If you are able to volunteer for our Caregiving Youth Project programs or at our events, contact us here.

Thank you!