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The AACY team is an amazing group of dedicated professionals. They work together to provide a wide range of services and resources to Caregiving Youth. These individuals are passionate about empowering kids caring for a loved one(s), enhancing their quality of life, and giving hope while advocating for greater recognition and support for their unique needs and challenges at school and home. We are thankful to the AACY team; their incredible daily impact is priceless. They change lives for the better.


Dr. Connie Siskowski, RN, PhD

Amoy Gordon, MSW, RCSWI

Caregiving Youth Project Director

Andreana Holliman, BA

Activities Manager

Ann Faraone, EdD

Director of Education Services

Candace Ray

Volunteer Manager

Carmen Del Pilar Brugman, RMHCI

Family Specialist

Ginger Metzger

Director of Finance

Julie Chapman

Executive Assistant

Kassandra Mendez

Care Manager

Kristen Cruz

Development & Events Manager

Ludnie Emile, BA, MSWI

Caregiving Youth Educator

Marisol Goffman, MSW

Assistant Director - South Team

Mary Craumer, MSW

Family Specialist

Melinda Green

Grant Writer

Richane Etienne, MSW, RCSWI

Assistant Director - North Team

Tracy Piendle, BSW, DCFI

Family Specialist - North

Vanesa Vergin, BA

Administrative Assistant