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Dr. Feylyn Lewis, PhD

Dr. Feylyn Lewis, PhD


Dr. Feylyn Lewis grew up as youth caregiver for her disabled mother. Her experience led her to want to change the world for other children with caring responsibilities. In 2013, she moved to the United Kingdom to obtain her PhD in Social Work, studying young adult caregivers in the US and UK.

Dr. Lewis is the program manager for the Students for Health Equity program at Vanderbilt University’s School of Nursing, while also continuing to practice as an independent researcher and consultant. She is a Caregiving.com Champion, representing caregivers in the Nashville area.

Dr. Lewis served as the Hunt Research Director at the National Alliance for Caregiving during spring 2021. Dr. Lewis recently completed a post-doctoral research fellowship at the University of Sussex, where she co-led the United Kingdom research activities of a nearly €4 million European Commission funded research project to investigate the mental health well-being of adolescent young caregivers in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Slovenia, Italy, the Netherlands, and Sweden. Prior to her research career, she was a nationally certified mental health counselor. She presently sits on the board of trustees for the Carers Centre for Brighton and Hove, the National Advisory Council for the American Association of Caregiving Youth, and numerous international research advisory committees. She resides in Nashville where she continues to provide care for her mother.