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Posted on 04/22/2022


The word “caregiver” brings to mind adults caring for loved ones with medical or other challenges. But for hundreds of Palm Beach County students, caregiving is part of daily life.

“My 13-year old son is a great, great kid,” Desiréé Warnick said, as she fought back tears. “I’m disabled and he helps me every day with my medication, housework, and anything I need.”

Youth caregivers like Warnick’s son handle serious issues at home such as administering medication, cooking, cleaning, bathing, and assisting with daily life functions of family members, all while trying to balance going to school, completing homework, doing required volunteer hours, and participating in extracurricular activities.

“Students who take part in Caregiving Youth fill a major gap and they often make sacrifices. But no student should ever have to suffer academically or drop out of school because of family caregiving responsibilities,” said Frank Barbieri, School District of Palm Beach County Board Chair. “I applaud all our middle and high school students who are making life easier for family members and I thank Caregiving Youth for their unwavering support of our schools.”

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