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When Children Become Caregivers | Press Release | University of Miami Miller School of Medicine research

By: Josh Baxt | February 05, 2024

“A new white paper, “Report on Caregiving Youth in the U.S.,” dives into a mostly invisible problem: children caring for sick and/or disabled family members. Published by the Caregiving Youth Research Collaborative (CYRC) and supported by University of Miami Miller School of Medicine research, the report shows that millions of children in the U.S. must take on adult responsibilities, with little or no support.”

“Most pediatricians have never even heard the term caregiving youth,” said Julia Belkowitz, M.D., M.P.H., associate dean for student affairs, associate professor of professional practice in pediatrics and co-author on the white paper. “The NIH acknowledge the tremendous toll that caregiving can cause, and the CDC even describes caregiving as a public health issue, but neither group recognizes that children play a key role.”

Link to full article here: https://news.med.miami.edu/when-children-become-caregivers/