A mentor is a caring adult who devotes time to a young person. A mentor is a friend, a resource, an advisor or coach, someone a child can talk to and ask questions when they need guidance or advice. Mentoring is a structured and trusting relationship that brings young people together with caring individuals who offer encouragement aimed at developing the competence and character of the mentee. The relationship is always voluntary, with clearly defined roles and expectations.

  • Are 18 and older.
  • Are paired with mentees of the same gender.
  • Spend at least four hours per month with their mentee.
  • Begin by making a six-month to one-year commitment to the role.
  • Meet with their mentees virtually or in-person at school, the library, at home, or other mutually agreed to location.
  • Are carefully screened. This includes criminal background checks, motor vehicle driving history, personal references, as well as in-depth personal interviews with the Volunteer Manager.
  • Attend small group events and activities that are held throughout the year for learning and enjoyment.

Amanda Levine
Volunteer Manager