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US Experts to Share Insights at International Young Carers Conference in Manchester

The United States will be well-represented at the upcoming International Young Carers Conference in Manchester, England, taking place April 9th-11th, 2024. Dr. Feylyn Lewis, a member of the conference committee, secured US participation, including presentations and workshops on various aspects of young carer experiences.

Highlights from US presentations:

The First 16 Years of the US Caregiving Youth Project and Caregiving Youth Institute:
Amoy Gordon & Elizabeth Olson

Understanding the Everyday Geographies of Young Carers in the US:
Elizabeth Olson & Leiha Edmonds

Care and Caregiving in the African-American Youth Caregiver Experience:
Dr. Feylyn Lewis

Caregiving Youth, Redesign the World:
Leiha Edmonds & Elizabeth Olson

Mapping the Experiences of the Military Connected and Veteran Young Carers (USA):
Melinda S. Kavanaugh, Lisell Perez-Rogers & Rachel Barrett

Adapting the Ycare Caregiving Skills and Support Program to Diverse Populations: Example from South Africa Young Carers:
Melinda Kavanaugh, Lisell Perez-Rogers & Rachael Barrett

These presentations cover a diverse range of topics, showcasing the depth and breadth of US research and practice in supporting young carers. This is not a complete list of US-led presentations. The full conference program can be found here: https://eurocarers.org/iycc-2024/.

This conference provides a valuable platform for US researchers and advocates to share their expertise and learn from international colleagues, ultimately working towards a brighter future for young caregivers worldwide.

About the conference:
Young Carers’ Fair Futures: The 4th International Young Carers Conference will focus on Inclusion, Empowerment, Support and Impact. The conference is being hosted by Manchester Metropolitan University in collaboration with Eurocarers, Carers Trust, Linneaus University and MY TIME Young Carers