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TEDx talk by Feylyn Lewis, PhD, AACY National Advisory Council Member

Watch this powerful TEDx talk by Feylyn Lewis, PhD, a former Caregiving Youth and member of the AACY National Advisory Council. She shares her story of growing up as a caregiver for her disabled mother and the challenges she faced. https://youtu.be/6EPCFyeUElk This talk is an important reminder that we need to do more to support youth caregivers […]

Caregiving Youth Project Newsletter June 2023

  Caregiving Youth Project Newsletter JUNE 2023: Review of June Caregiving Youth Program (CYP) activities, recaps & updates, news, and more! Treasure Talk is a monthly newsletter for and about the young people in the AACY Caregiving Youth Project (CYP) and all supporters of Caregiving Youth. We use the term “treasure” to let those in […]

Young Carers’ Voices – International Perspectives – AACY Presenting

A global webinar to mark the Commonwealth Year of Youth, Young Carers Charter, and other important international young carer developments Honored to announce that Connie Siskowski, RN, Ph.D., Founder, and President of AACY & Melinda S. Kavanaugh, Ph.D., MSW, LCSW will jointly present a voice for Caregiving Youth in the US at ‘Young Carers Voices […]

Caregiving Youth Project Newsletter MAY 2023

Caregiving Youth Project Newsletter MAY 2023 Review: The AACY Caregiving Youth Project (CYP) helps identify, recognize, educate, and support students who care for chronically ill, injured, elderly, or disabled family members. This allows Caregiving Youth to succeed, have fun, get needed respite and make new friends while promoting academic and personal growth. Treasure Talk is […]

AACY 2023 Virtual Caregiving Youth Institute Conference Hosted By:

The State of Caregiving Youth in the US: Research, Policy, and PracticeMonday, April 17, 2023 1 PM – 4 PM EST Please join AACY and the Caregiving Youth Institute for its annual conference featuring experts in research, programs, and policies for caregiving youth. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER Research Practice Policy Pipeline – What’s Coming Up […]

Celebrity Game Night Raises Money For Youth Caregivers

A “Family Feud” format kept onlookers screaming on their favorite team as “Celebrity Game Night” helped raise money and the profile of a Boca Raton children’s charity with a national reach. The fundraiser for AACY, American Association of Caregiving Youth, was a near wrap for this year’s 20 Boca Chamber Festival Days, showcasing nonprofits by Chamber […]

New Policy Report: The US Should Recognize and Support Caregiving Youth

With emerging evidence on the increasing prevalence of caregiving youth—that is, young people under age 18 who provide significant, ongoing care for a family member at home, we learn that caregiving is closely tied to youth’s academic, social, and emotional well-being; and discuss the challenges and uneven successes of identifying, measuring, and categorizing caregiving youth. […]

Pause for Purpose Featuring AACY

American Association of Caregiving Youth (AACY) President and Founder Dr. Connie Siskowski discusses how she started the organization, and the many ways AACY supports Caregiving Youth. She also shares startling statistics about how many youth make up this hidden population and why it is so important to recognize, support, advocate, and educate on their behalf. […]