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COVID-19 and Effects on Palm Beach County Caregiving Youth.

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What we hear from Middle and High school Caregiving Youth

  • They and their families have high levels of fear and stress
  • Worries about health conditions, money, work, food and school prevail
  • Privacy is minimal – in close quarters and sometimes unsafe neighborhoods so telehealth counseling and the ability to focus on school is a challenge
  • “I’m not sure how much I care about school now”
  • “I still need a break but my family doesn’t want anyone (respite worker) in our home at this time”
  • “I can’t believe I will have no prom or real graduation”
  • “My mom is in the hospital and it is almost two weeks since I have seen her”
  • “My grandmother died from this and we can’t even go to her funeral”
  • “My computer doesn’t work now”


Ways the AACY Team is serving Caregiving Youth and their Families

  • Our office remained open although most of the staff worked remotely with frequent Zoom connections
  • Family Specialists and team connected with all youth and families with updated COVID19 information and resource distribution sites
  • Facilitated obtaining laptops and internet connectivity in cooperation with schools
  • Individual counseling continued with a secure telehealth platform
  • Respite services increased for some
  • Academic support including tutoring prevailed
  • Youth and families received resources for meeting needs ranging from masks and cleaning supplies to help with emergency care, utilities and rent
  • Special projects included deliveries of needed medical supplies and equipment
  • Provided delivered meals and food including “Instacarting” to many families
  • M.A.C.Y. – Mentor a Caregiving Youth became virtual
  • Bereavement support was offered
  • Skills Building and activities for fun and relief became virtual tele-groups