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Newly Launched National Resource Guide for Caregiving Youth Promotes Awareness and Action

February 12, 2024 – The American Association of Caregiving Youth® (AACY) is pleased to announce the availability of the “Resource Guide for Caregiving Youth,” a comprehensive resource published on supportcaregiving.org.

AACY expresses its sincere gratitude to NASHP and The John A. Hartford Foundation for recognizing the critical needs of this often-overlooked population. By accessing and sharing this guide, we can work together to:

• Raise awareness of the unique challenges faced by caregiving youth.
• Amplify the voices of these young individuals and advocate for their needs.
• Connect them to the resources and support they deserve to thrive.

Visit the Resource Guide for Caregiving Youth: https://supportcaregiving.org/caregiving-youth-resource-guide/

Contributors to this publication include: Connie Siskowski, RN, PhD – AACY Founder and President; Sara Poole, AACY Communications Consultant; with review by Ann Faraone, EdD – AACY Director of Education Services.

This site was created by the following organizations to provide resource guides that support the dissemination and implementation of the National Strategy to Support Family Caregivers.

To learn more about the National Strategy, the Family Caregiving Advisory Council, and to find more resources for state officials, visit the RAISE Act Family Caregiver Resource and Dissemination Center, hosted by the National Academy for State Health Policy.