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Thanks to Katybeth Dee of selfexam.org  for providing the following information and links.

It’s estimated that about 259,500 deaths could be prevented every single year. I don’t know about you, but that knocks the wind out of me. I want to show people that they have more control than they may think in the fight against disease, and I really think these resources could save lives.

A Healthy Home is a Happy Home: How to Optimize Your Home for Healthy, Stress-free Living

Everything You Need to Know About Keeping Your Home’s Air Clean

Improve Your Health From Your Kitchen

20 Budget-Friendly Superfoods

Exercise at Home with Your Home Fitness Equipment

10 Healthy Habits Parents Should Teach Their Kids

How to Help Prevent Heart Disease - At Any Age

Recovering Together: The Benefits Of Adopting A Companion Animal While In Addiction Recovery

20 Ways To Never Get Cancer

There are thousands of lives at stake, so I hope we’ve helped!

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