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The Impact of Caring for an Older Relative on Adolescent Development

by Kelly Foyle, Dept. of Psychology

Mentor: Dr. Donna Cohen, Dept. Aging & Mental Health

Thesis Committee: Dr. Krista Kutash, Dr. Jessica McIlvane


Research in the area of young caregivers is a relatively new phenomenon in the United States. The first national U.S. survey of young caregivers showed over 1.3 million children ages 8-18 were providing care for an older relative, and 72 percent were caring for a parent or grandparent (NAC/UHF, 2005). While young caregivers may suffer in academics, caregiving tasks may also impact their ability to participate in activities outside of the classroom, therein creating life experiences different from their non-caregiving peers (Tatum, 1999).   The Entire PDF Poster is here.

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