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Santa Rosa Beach 6th Grader Speaks Out

A Santa Rosa Beach, FL 6th grader speaks out on Youth Caregiving and wins 1st place in her class for her critical thinking: Her mom doesn't want any flack as she reaches out to help us.



Geoff Morrell - ABC News

Geoff Morrell of ABC News describes the lives of Francis Arthur and Maggie Ornstein.  Francis is a high-school aged caregiver, and Maggie, now in her twenties, has been a caregiver since high school.  Gail Gibson Hunt of the National Alliance for Caregiving and Professor Saul Becker, University of Birmingham England also appear in the clip. Click on the picture below to view the clip.


Link to http://www.aacy.org/images/videos/ABCSeptember_5.wmv




Help for Children Who are Caregivers

Frances Shani Parker, author of "Becoming Dead Right: A Hospice Volunteer in Urban Nursing Homes,” writes the Hospice and Nursing Homes Blog. Topics include news, practices, and insights related to eldercare, hospice and palliative care, nursing homes, dementia, caregiving, death, bereavement, and seniors in America. Research, images, and videos are used often. The hospice philosophy supports quality end-of-life care. The butterfly is the hospice symbol of transition between life and death. On August 14, 2010 she posted the folowing article and video about Help for Children Who are Caregivers.  You can read the blog and view the video by clicking on the link below.


GROWN UP KIDS A Film by Robyn Symon

"Grown Up Kids", once funded, will portray the lives of several youth caregivers over a period of time to show how,with the recognition and support of the Caregiving Youth Project, their lives change(Link to CYP site). The production will ultimately be natioanlly aired on PBS. The Palm Beach County Education Commission is serving as the fiscal agent for the film production. Please view the trailer below. You can learn more about award-winning Robyn Symon at www.symonproductions.com.


If you don't see the video screen above, Click on www.youtube.com/watch

Network Television Stories

Watch Alan Gerstel of the Education Network (T.E.N) report on the American Association of Caregiving Youth's (AACY) kick off celebration of going national. 

Don't see the video? Try going to http://www.youtube.com/v/ITx-D6bFwLA&hl=en&fs=1


Follow the link below to view Brian Williams' Nightly News story:

Study: Young caregivers lose childhood

More than 1 million kids age 8-18 care for sick or disabled relatives

By Janet Shamlian
NBC News
updated 7:48 p.m. ET, Thurs., April 6, 2006

Janet Shamlian

CHICAGO - Vincent Glaviano seems older than 16. He makes meals, handles household chores and helps his mom, Ann-Marie, with medicine.

Ann Marie Glaviano has lupus. And from the age of 10, her son has been her caretaker.

"When my mom got sick, my life totally changed because I was no longer just the child in the family," says Vincent. "I had to be a pseudo-parent."

Read the rest of the story and watch the video  at www.msnbc.msn.com/id/12188835/






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