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The national resource for the support of children who are caring for 
ill, injured, elderly, or disabled family members. 
Welcome To Our Board
As CEO of Call 4 Health, Pores believes that health care and education are two of the most imperative issues affecting communities nationwide and, he is especially committed to his hometown community. AACY is grateful for the donated services of Call 4 Health through the years.
In The News And Raising Awareness
Rep. Larry Ahern & Dr. Connie 

At the Florida Lifespan Respite Alliance Summit in Largo, FL.
Youth Caregivers need a legislative champion in FL & the US too!  
Dr. Connie was a presenter at the Summit.


Charlie Poole, and his brother A.J., are not typical middle school students. The brothers discussed their journey of caring for their grandmother.  Their challenges during these two years went unrecognized at their McLean, VA school. In contrast, Isis Michalski, shared how support from the Caregiving Youth Project helped her from 6th grade to 2017 high school graduation.

McLean Patch
Read more about the Poole Brothers as they strive to get school support services for kids like them.
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Who would have thought?
During Spring Camp Treasure XXI, Mervyn from Palm Beach County, gave a "hands only CPR" class.  When asked how many cargiving youth ever called 911, more than half of the mostly 6th graders raised their hands!   
2017 Graduation Celebration
       graduation                              We are proud of our caregiving youths' greater than 95% high school graduation rate.
Among those who helped make the party a success:
  • Jeff and Susan Firestone awarded scholarships
  • Healthier Boynton Beach provided beverages
  • Samaritans 365 made and served dessert
  • Mandy Alvarado-Rivera, CYP Graduate, provided college success tips     
Caregiving Youth Institute Conference
The April CYI Conference was a huge success!   
Participants included Marcia Andrews - School Board; Paulette Burdick - Mayor of Palm Beach County; John Foley, Esq. - Legal Aid; Carolyn Kelly - First Lady at FAU; Keith Oswald - School District; Ricky Petty - Healthier Boynton Beach; Dr. Debra Robinson - School Board; Dr. Ian Saltzman - School District; Scott Singer - City of Boca Raton; Rita Solnet - Parents Across America; and Dick Stockton - national sportscaster among others. 
 Hidden Heroes
Learn more about ground breaking research in medication administration and management by youth, presented by UM Miller School of Medicine student Maggie Nickels.
Video from the CYI presentation of Charlie and AJ of McClean, VA! http://www.alittlebitofhappy.org/

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) affect caregiving youth; learn from experts Lisa Williams and Renee Layman.

Meet Isis Michalski, her mom and others in The Educational Network video.
The Educational Network 

The Impact of Grants and Donations
The funds received from grants, events, and individual donations, have allowed the Caregiving Youth Project to serve students at 22 Palm Beach County schools.

Polen Capital sponsored two scholarships for youth caregivers through the George Snow Scholarship  Foundation. 

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