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AACY Interviews Anita Knox, Recipient of 2008 George Snow Scholarship

AACY: How did you hear about the George Snow Scholarship?

Anita: Every year our school has a green list, a combination of national and local scholarships. Every year its printed out once a week and I looked for scholarship opportunities. Also, I worked as a scholarship aide in the office and got first hand information about new scholarships. When I saw the notice for the George Snow Scholarship, I decided to apply for it.

AACY: For whom do you care at home?

Anita: My grandmother recently suffered from two heart attacks and is in the early stages of Alzheimers disease.

AACY: How do you feel about your grandmothers illness?

Anita: Im disappointed because Im not used to her not caring for herself. She was always in the kitchen cooking, playing solitaire, and telling stories. Now she cant talk very much. Now shes talking more and doing more.

AACY: How do you help your grandmother?

Anita: I usually make sure she eats and showers and check to see if she wants to go outside. I love talking to her and keeping her company. She calls me if she wants to take a shower or if she needs anything.

AACY: What high school did you attend?

Anita: I just graduated from Palm Beach Lakes Community High School; I attended the program at the Center for Pre-Law. Ill be starting college at Florida A& M University in Tallahassee and will major in criminal law and public relations.

AACY: What advice would you give other youth caregivers?

Anita: Really enjoy the time that you have with the people that you care about, especially if they are older. They have a lot of wisdom, memories and knowledge that you definitely learn from. Take care of yourself.

AACY: How do you take care of yourself?

Anita: For me, I eat right and exercise. even if its just walking thirty minutes a day or riding a bike. It is so important to keep up with your health, so that you arent in the condition of the person of you care for, needing care yourself.

I just want to thank CYP for giving me the opportunity to achieve a higher level of education. This is a wonderful opportunity for me. I plan to give back to my family and my community someday.

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