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Shining a Light on Young Caregivers

The American Society on Aging published the following article3 about the American Association of  Caregiving Youth:

America's Only Youth Caregiving Group
Illumines a Silent Epidemic

By ASA Staff

It wasn’t until a therapist asked Connie Siskowski about her experience as a young caregiver to her beloved grandfather—if she thought it was normal thing for a kid to do—that Siskowski realized it wasn’t.

Early one morning, when she went to give her grandfather his medication, she found his lifeless body. Siskowski was only 13 years old.

She recalls that night like it was yesterday. Back then there was no recognition of a child’s grief, or of the caregiving role, so it has become Siskowski’s calling as president and founder of the American Association of Caregiving Youth (AACY) to help young caregivers. Her group, founded in 1998, evolved into the first and only program that identifies and supports caregiving youth in the United States.

Read the rest of the article here.

2011 Scholarship Opportunities


Caregiving Youth are graduating!  Now what?  We have two amazing scholarship opportunities for you to make a difference in their continued path to success!
1.  Your gift will be matched as we collect for our 6th year to offer a scholarship in partnership with the George Snow Scholarship Foundation for the AACY CAREGIVING YOUTH SCHOLARSHIP.  Deserving finalists include:
  • A daughter cared for her dad, a former businessman with heart disease and who is now on dialysis. Her stay-at-home mom went to work but was laid off. This daughter provided care, went to school, worked and wants to further her education.
  • A mom has Lupus and dad, an alcoholic, died. An uncle can no longer help with health insurance. Meds for both mom and son, are very expensive. The son's hope is to become better educated and support his mom.

    2010 AACY Caregiving Youth George Snow Scholarship Fund winner Clayborn Mathis.

  • To survive after abuse from a stepfather, this daughter and mom moved in and slept on the floor of an aunt with mental health issues. Help us help this student and encourage her success.
  • An immigrant, this student has been caring for her younger sister with autism. She also works to help support her family as dad lost his job. With help, she will be the first in her family to attend college!
  • At age 7 this child witnessed his dad's death and became his mom's "link to the world" in their journey of mental health issues and poverty. Now they live in FL with family and, with support, he is on the path to college and a successful future.
  • Caring for a bedridden uncle and two siblings with disabling conditions has made this student's life a daily challenge. Yet, she has been successful in school and is anxious to have the opportunity to further her education and future plans. 
2.  The new FRED GALLAND CAREGIVING YOUTH SCHOLARSHIP is in memory and honor of the First Chair of the AACY Board who died on March 31, 2011 after a brief battle with pancreatic cancer.  This award is for a graduating senior who has been active in the Caregiving Youth Project. We are so proud of these deserving youth who began with CYP as 8th graders in our first year, 2006-07.
No donation amount is too small!  Every penny counts as TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER and only TOGETHER CAN WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of children who care for family members who are ill, injured, elderly or disabled!
By connecting for the first time with caregiving peers, caregiving youth learn they are not alone.  Now let's let them learn they are not alone as they go forward in their lives!
Mail a donation to: AACY - 1515 N. Federal Highway, Ste 214, Boca Raton, FL 33432, call our office at 561-391-7401 and charge your contribution, or Donate by clicking:
When donating, please designate the scholarship of your choice.
THANK YOU!         
Snow Winners 

Pictured Above Are Some Caregiving Youth Scholarship Winners of the Past


Florida Recognizes National Family Caregivers Month

We are pleased to announce that Governor Charlie Crist
signed our statewide proclamation in support of Florida's
family caregivers - and for the first time is recognizing
caregiving youth!  Little by little we are making progress
to raise awareness!


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