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How School Nurses Can Assist Caregiving Youth

# Raise awareness of issues of caregiving youth
# Be a resource for concerned parents & grandparents about the effects of family health situations on their children
# Create an open environment to promote communication with caregiving youth
# When possible, connect young caregiving youth with each other
# Foster relationships with community support services
# Participate in the development of support materials
# Provide feedback to AACY about your experiences and what you are finding helpful in support of young caregiver students at your school
# Partner with the American Red Cross to conduct CPR and First Aid skills
# Encourage students to request help by email or telephone
# Advocate for caregiving youth
# Take a proactive role - contact us about developing a Caregiving Youth Project or a Caregiving Youth Club within your school to further the goals of:

* Education & Awareness
* Research
* Direct Services

# Refer students to Internet resources

* www.youngcarers.net (in the U.K.)


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