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A future in which no child in the US has to drop out of school because of family health situations and caregiving responsibilities.

Our History:

  • Began the first US Caregiving Youth Project at Boca Raton Community Middle School in 2006;

  • Works to integrate systems of healthcare, education and the community (body, mind and spirit) to come together on behalf of caregiving youth and their families;

  • First organization to focus solely for and about caregiving youth in the United States;

  • Houses a repository of information for issues surrounding caregiving youth globally;

  • Click Here to see how it all started

Our Purpose:

  • Communicate to caregiving youth that they are not alone with this responsibility, here in the United States or in the world;

  • With interventions, prevent negative physical, psychological, emotional and educational ramifications on caregiving youth;

  • Support youth who carry dual role responsibilities as students & caregivers with skills building, information, education, and resources to assist them in their caregiving role;

  • Promote the importance, value and worth that the caregiving youth role provides in families, to our society, medical community and the long term care delivery system in the United States;

  • Encourage and participate in new research on the effects that caregiving has on children;

  • Provide an avenue for caregiving youth and their families to connect with others in similar situations.

Our Objectives:

  • To establish an affiliate network of Caregiving Youth Project Partners throughout the United States;

  • To work with education systems to find innovative solutions so that caregiving youth can be successful in their academic lives;

  • To partner with health care professionals and providers in the early identification of caregiving youth and their families;

  • To provide resources for pre-teens, teens, families and professionals about issues and help for caregiving youth;

  • To create a web-based network of counseling, support and skills building for caregiving youth;

  • To educate the public, professionals and funders about caregiving ramifications on student development and achievement;

  • To connect into support networks already in place for caregivers;

  • To sponsor activities of childhood and relief including camp for caregiving youth.

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