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Ann Faraone EdD Biography

Director of Education Services

American Association of Caregiving Youth

Ann FaraoneWith over four decades of experience in the field of education, Ann Faraone, EdD began her career as a teacher in NYC. She has also been the Program Director for the NYS Department of Education, Assistant Dean of the Graduate School of Education & Human Services at St. John’s University, and as a Principal in NY & FL. When The School District of Palm Beach County created the Department of Student Intervention Services to provide programs and support for the most vulnerable students, Ann was appointed as Director. This extra level of support targeted homeless, foster, caregiving youth, pregnant/parenting teens and those in the juvenile justice and/or the alternative education system. Recognizing the logical link of health related issues, Ann supervised all health, wellness & nursing services in the schools. Raising awareness of the trauma and its ripple effects on these students, as well as collaborating with a multitude of agencies, created opportunities for students, many without parental advocacy, thus mitigating the barriers they were facing daily.  Ann believes in “leaving no stone unturned for students” and has created a culture of cooperation and collaboration between agencies, who share a common client—the student & their families. Understanding that no one group can eradicate the multiple barriers faced by many students, particularly those of color and those living in poverty, the common sense approach was one of  leveraging resources, & joining forces to “invest in the human infrastructure” in our community. Ann continues the work of advocating for the most vulnerable youth through consulting on educational issues for national and local non-profits, school districts & parent organizations. 


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I am a Teen Caregiver

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I am a teen caregiver EditedReaders will get a frank description of the challenges faced by many teen caregivers. Teens who are immersed in this life already can find resources and organizations for support, as well as sound advice for coping in tough times. Check Library or buy at: Amazon  or Rosen Publisher



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