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The 21st Century Educator: iTeach, iLead, iResearch


The 21st Century Educator:

iTeach, iLead, iResearch”

October 16-17

Hilton UF Conference Center

Gainesville, Fl


Executive Summary

Includes a description of the problem, the evidence

the objectives and progress to-date


AACY Brochure

A 2-page brochure that describes theAACY history

what AACY does and comments from caregiving youth


Highlights of AACY Accomplishments

A one page document highlighting the major accomplishments from 2010 to 2015


American Acadamey of Pediatrics Article

The March 2015 issue of AAP News describes the "Hidden Population"


Caregiving Youth Project (CYP)

A one page description of the Caregiving Youth Project covering the issues

and how more than 950 youth caregivers and their families entered the CYP


AnnMarie Case Study

An infographic on a successful outcome of 12-Year-0ld AnnMarie's high school education


Building the case for support

Why AACY believes the number of caregiving youth in the USA

is greater than 1.3 million children ages 8-18 years


Caregiving Youth Project Results 2014-2015

An infographic showing feedback from students in how their life has improved in 11 important ways


What is Youth Caregiving like?

A body map that was created by six high-school aged caregiving youth

who have been receiving support from CYP


AACY in One Page

  A single page document paccked with facts about AACY


US and International Facts about Caregiving Youth

Facts about the number of caregiving youth


how can you help

Please help us financially so the hidden population of caregiving youth becomes visible and receives support to help them have success at school and in their lives!

I am a Teen Caregiver

 Resource Book  

I am a teen caregiver EditedReaders will get a frank description of the challenges faced by many teen caregivers. Teens who are immersed in this life already can find resources and organizations for support, as well as sound advice for coping in tough times. Check Library or buy at: Amazon  or Rosen Publisher



Small Connie
Connie Siskowski

As a child I took care of my Grandfather.
How I wish there had been an AACY for me then!


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