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Generation Z steps up to the plate to care for loved ones with long-term health conditions

Fantastic read with comments from Dr. Connie Siskowski, Founder of the American Association of Caregiving Youth (AACY)!

“Inspired by her own experience, Connie Siskowski founded the American Association of Caregiving Youth in 2006 to provide educational and support resources for young people who are caring for loved ones. She now serves as its president.

While in middle school, Siskowski acted as the primary caregiver for her grandfather. Caring for his personal hygiene needs as his health declined and being the one to discover him when he died traumatized her.

“It has major personal life consequences, so this work is about supporting these children now to prepare them for success academically and personally, both today and for tomorrow,” Siskowski said.

While there are 500 families the nonprofit works with locally in Florida’s Palm Beach County, the American Association of Caregiving Youth is also building an affiliate network with other organizations nationwide…”