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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AACY Caregiving Youth Conference

AACY 2023 Virtual Caregiving Youth Institute Conference to Address Research, Policy, and Practice for Caregiving Youth in the US

Boca Raton, FL – The American Association of Caregiving Youth (AACY) and the Caregiving Youth Institute are pleased to announce the annual AACY 2023 Virtual Caregiving Youth Institute Conference on Monday, April 17, 2023, from 1 PM – 4 PM EST. The event will be hosted virtually by UNC Chapel Hill and is open to anyone interested in the subject of Caregiving Youth in the United States.

The conference will feature distinguished experts in the field of Caregiving Youth, including Amoy Gordon, Andrea Kalvesmaki, Ann Faraone, Betsy Olson, Bree Ruge, Connie Siskowski, Diana Cose, Elizabeth Pulgaron, Emma Armstrong-Carter, Feylyn Lewis, Julia Belkowitz, Leiha Edmonds, Matthew Zawadzki, Melinda Kavanaugh, Olivia Smith, Rashi Romanoff, Steven Osborne, and Tara Kenworthy LaMarca.

The conference will cover three key areas, including research, policy, and practice. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about everyday caregiving, military family caregivers, pediatric research, school-based research, EMA/Sleep Research, YCARE, educating and training in pediatrics, caregiving youth project in Palm Beach County, Lorenzo’s House, comparison of UK & US, capacity building in Rhode Island, RAISE Act/GAO, hidden helpers, pipeline, and what’s coming up.

“We are excited to host the AACY 2023 Virtual Caregiving Youth Institute Conference and bring together experts and individuals who are leaders in Caregiving Youth issues,” said Connie Siskowski, RN, PhD, Founder and President of AACY. “This year’s conference will focus on research, policy, and practice, providing attendees with valuable insights and resources that will help support Caregiving Youth in the US.”

The event is free to attend, and registration is now open.

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