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  1. Capacity building to replace at least two office computers to maximize productivity - $1,200.


  1. Three lap top computers so that Family Specialists could input data from the field and more easily keep data about the needs and progress of caregiving youth and their families current - $1,200.


  1. Provision of funds to initiate a high school Camp Treasure. Our current camp is for middle school youth and is a special time for respite, learning, friendship building and a time for the kids to be taken care of. There are many high school caregiving youth who did not have the opportunity to attend camp while in middle school - $5,000.


  1. The 7th annual Caregiving Youth Scholarship requires $2500 is matched and administered through our partnership with the George Snow Scholarship Foundation.  The scholarship is for a caregiving youth in our region.


  1. A Community Caregiving Youth Care Manager - a part time social worker to respond to the increasing calls which are from other parts of the region and/or from schools which do not house a Caregiving Youth Project. This person would also do home visits and link families to other community resources - $35,000.


  1. Expansion of our social media through an experienced dedicated person to help with raising awareness and increasing our donor base. Ideally this person would also be able to write articles about caregiving youth for local congregational bulletins - $30,000-35,000.


  1. Grant Writer - to work part time to assist in writing and obtaining grants, and developing relationships with various foundations - $20,000.


  1. A "go to" person who could help with special projects including delivery of donated goods and furniture to caregiving youth families - $10,000..


  1. Technology support, consultation and funding to increase our ability to offer various connectivity options for caregiving youth, their families and others such as through Skype and webinars - $37,500.


  1. A “go to” person who could help with special projects including delivery of donated goods and furniture to caregiving youth families - $10,000.


  1. Development dollars to assist with the replication of the Caregiving Youth Project in other parts of the US and with the establishment of the Institute of Caregiving Youth - $125,000.




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