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(Palm Beach County, FL – January 10, 2012). Warning: Attend this event and your life could change! Rina Jakubowicz, Honorary Chairperson and inspiring keynote speaker is well known for her approach to yoga and to life. She strives to challenge you beyond measure to reach your pinnacle of personal achievement and experience joy.


Rina will also be challenging caregiving youth to do the same. Caregiving youth attending the evening are already on their journey as they will be receiving Awards of Courage for participating above and beyond in the Caregiving Youth Project, the primary local program of the American Association of Caregiving Youth (AACY).


Boca Raton Community Middle School’s jazz band will provide music during the reception which includes “YouthTinis” courtesy of Blue Martini. For the first time publicly, Peter Slack, Principal of Boca Middle, accompanied by his sister, Keri Slack, will share their story about caregiving in their young years.


Later in the evening Chuck Anderson, President and CEO of United Way of Palm Beach County will also for the first time, speak of his childhood and how family health situations, beyond his control, impacted his life.


According to Mark Hansen, Chair of the Board of the AACY and event co-chair, “We have created a very special time to honor those children who our organization serves, and bring increased recognition of the challenging responsibilities youth caregivers face. Today, AACY, through its local Caregiving Youth Project, provides assistance, support, respite and education to over 500 students plus their family members throughout Palm Beach County as well as providing information and resources to thousands of others. Based upon the escalating increase in requests for assistance directly from caregiving youth within middle and high schools, the need is much greater. It is our hope that this event will elicit strong community recognition and support.”


Often, caregiving youth are sacrificing their education and childhood for years when it comes to providing care for ill, injured, elderly or disabled family members,” says Summer Faerman, event Co-Chair. “They are on the frontline and back line every day. It’s our responsibility as the greater community to unite in recognition of their efforts and to provide the help they need, here in Palm Beach County, in FL and in the US.


AACY’s 3rd annual fundraiser, scheduled for February 23, 2012 at Via Mizner Golf & Country Club, formerly the Country Club of Boca Raton, has adopted the theme: Hearts and “Soles” in an effort to promote awareness of what it must be like to “walk in the shoes” of caregiving youth. The $50 event ticket includes cocktails and dinner, music, live and silent auctions, a raffle, video presentations, guest speakers, and AACY’s signature “Courage Awards” for caregiving youth who have candidly participated in media coverage of AACY in furtherance of awareness for the cause.


A wide range of sponsorship opportunities for the event is available. No gift is considered too small and donated items for the silent auction and raffle would be greatly appreciated and formally recognized.


3rd Annual AACY Hearts and “Soles” Fundraising Event

Thursday, February 23, 2011

5:30-9:30 PM

Via Mizner Golf & Country Club

Formerly the Country Club of Boca Raton

6200 Boca Del Mar Drive

Boca Raton, FL 33433


To Donate or to Attend, contact:

Gerry Fallon (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

561-391-7401, or


Summer Faerman

Event Co-Chair (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)



For Information About AACY:

Dr. Connie Siskowski (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

American Association of Caregiving Youth (www.aacy.org)



About AACY: The American Association of Caregiving Youth (AACY) is a Florida based 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporations that began serving the greater Boca Raton community in 1998. AACY is the only organization of its kind in the United States for caregiving youth, a vulnerable and hidden population conservatively estimated to exceed 1.4 million kids ages 8-18 years. Its mission is to recognize, support, and promote the awareness of dual role youth that are both students and caregivers within their families. AACY strives to address the needs of pre-teens, teens, families, and professionals through education and awareness, research, and direct services in cooperation with social, education, healthcare, government, and community corporations, organizations, and agencies. AACY seeks to utilize existing resources on a local, regional, and national level to effectively promote the valuable role a caregiving youth has within the family, in an aging society and in our health delivery system.

For more information about AACY, go to www.aacy.org, or call 561-391-7401.




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